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Professional copywriter with flair, pink hair and business acumen

About Mel

One of the hardest things to do is to write about yourself! Where to start …
Business experience
I have been fortunate to have experienced both ends of the business spectrum – corporate and small business.

Over ten years in a corporate environment provided me with a solid grounding in strategic planning and execution. I was able to use this to my advantage when I moved into small business.

Small business is certainly challenging! The size of corporate environments supports specialisation, which can limit your ability to develop. Small business offered me that opportunity – for the first time I was exposed to, and responsible for, multiple areas of business development. Media, marketing and communication, HR, finance, business development, IT management, WH&S, policies and procedures – you name it, I took it on and loved it!

It has provided me with amazing insight into the intricacies and complexities of business.
Publishing experience
My knowledge of publishing comes from CCH Australia, Australia’s leading tax and accounting publisher. I began as a sub-editor, where I worked on CCH’s flagship product and received intensive, ongoing training and development. As my editing skills became more refined, I took responsibility for books, with the highest-selling non-fiction book in Australia being one of my many responsibilities.

I loved editing and the discipline that came with it. My passion and skill enabled me to move throughout the business – starting as a Team Leader, I then moved into a Production Management position and eventually into Systems, Procedures and Training Management for Asia Pacific.

It was a combination of these roles, as well as the process-driven environment of CCH, that has provided me with not only the skill-set I have, but also an uncompromising approach to quality.
Awards and qualifications
  • Business Person of the Year (2011 Local Business Awards)
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training (Austraining (NSW) Pty Ltd)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Communication Studies (UWS)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree (double major in Media Communications) (UWS).
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