Procrastination with a capital Pee

Typewriter Stop Making Excuses

I’ve been putting this off for months.

It’s ironic that a copywriter is too scared to write her own blog. The very thought of it makes me want to pee myself in fear.

Procrastination is the enemy of all small businesses. We put things off until tomorrow, when we have more time to focus, to think, to get it right. But in small business, there is never enough time! And I’ve finally realised that procrastinating is doing nothing to help my business.

That fear that I will be boring? Well, bad luck. That I won’t resonate with anyone? Bummer for them! That my writing will be littered with grammatical and spelling errors? I’ll blame my subeditor 😉

I have a list as long as my arm of things I need to do. My website copy was written overnight and isn’t even SEO-optimised. Until today I had no blog copy. My social media is haphazard and reactive. I’ve been putting them all off because I worry they won’t be up to scratch.

BUT. I’m booked out weeks (often months) in advance. My business has been growing at a rate that I couldn’t even fathom. So why the fear?

In big business, it is easy to hide behind a brand. When you are the brand, it’s a little more challenging, and the fear of misrepresenting yourself can be overwhelming. But what’s worse? Getting yourself out there (albeit not perfectly, but at least getting traction) or dooming yourself to failure by having such high expectations of yourself, and doubting you can meet those expectations, that you don’t even start?

So today is the day. I’m getting my blog on.

And if you ignore the typos, I’ll try to hold on to the pee.

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Melinda Leyshon is a business copywriter with over 15 years experience in corporate publishing and strategy development. She has worked with some of Sydney's leading brands to deliver SEO and direct response copywriting, brand development and more. She has a huge success rate with business award applications and, throwing small business and corporate tenders into the mix, you have one of Australia's most experienced business copywriters! She also loves triathlon and has a serious penchant for licorice. And chocolate. Together.