Artwork proofing for editorial integrityProofread carefully
to see if you words out
William Safire

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Professional editing, proofreading and artwork proofing - an eye for detail and a head for perfection

Artwork proofing

A vital element in copywriting is proofing. Proofing artwork ensures the editorial integrity of the document.
WriteCopy can proof your artwork and check:
  • heading levels are an accurate reflection of the structure
  • appropriateness of the layout
  • image placement (graphics, tables)
  • widows and orphans
  • turnovers
  • text formatting (emphasis, spacing and rivers, alignment and indenting)
  • typeface (font, leading)
  • readability and balance
  • headers and footers
  • page numbers, and
  • Tables of Contents.
The proofing process is an essential step to ensure documents are ready to publish.