Professional editor, proofreader and mad for VolkswagensIt is perfectly okay to write
           garbage – 
as long as you    
edit brilliantly

- C. J. Cherryh

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An eye for detail and a compulsive desire for editorial perfection!

Structural and copy editing

Editing is vital to ensure the integrity of your copy. If you have written your own material, a professional edit will ensure that:
  • the document is complete and consistent
  • your publication is concise, clear and targeted correctly for the intended audience
  • spelling, grammar and punctuation errors are addressed
  • content adheres to style guide requirements
  • information is structured in the most effective manner
  • facts and references are checked and validated, and
  • costly errors (in time, reputation and money) are avoided.
WriteCopy can work with you to polish and refine your content – whether it be structural or copy editing.

Structural editing

Structural editing ensures the content and the structure are in synergy by looking at the ”big picture”.
  • What are the goals of the document? Does the structure support those goals by making the meaning clear? Is the structure appropriate to the intended function?
  • Who is the audience? Is the language, content and style appropriate for their needs?
  • What is the delivery method? Is the content a good fit for the chosen medium?
An incorrectly structured document can have an enormous impact on the reader’s ability to gain meaning and derive value – inevitably resulting in a negative response.

Copy editing

Copy editing is the most common form of editing. WriteCopy can work with you to:
  • examine each sentence, both as a stand-alone sentence and in context, to ensure that the written meaning is clear
  • ensure the copy delivers on the promise implicit in its title and introduction, and
  • check your copy for accuracy and sense:
    • is the use of terminology consistent?
    • is capitalisation applied consistently?
    • is the spelling, grammar and punctuation correct?
    • is the vocabulary consistent?
    • does it contain uncommon jargon?
    • is numerical data presented consistently?
    • are heading levels assigned correctly?
    • are lists formatted consistently or are they a mixture of commas, full-stops and semi-colons?
    • is the wording, paragraph and sentence structure relevant to the subject matter?
    • is the Table of Contents correct?
    • is the document visually consistent?
    • do all links work?
    • are all cross-references correct?
    • are reference lists complete?
    • are headers and footers correct?
Corrections are all checked via a verification check (ensuring that corrections have been made without error) and an integrity check (ensuring the document is complete).

A good copy edit will do all of the above, and more.

Note: As per the IPED guidelines, WriteCopy is limited to purely copyediting and proofreading of research theses and dissertations.