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Solutions for your systems and purposes for your processes!

Training material

In many cases, businesses can attribute their success or failure to their systems, procedures and training. The larger the business, the more critical it is to have systems that are not only effective, but also efficient. 
WriteCopy has over 12 years experience in auditing, analysing and designing (and redesigning) training material and procedures – from corporate to small business, and in environments as varied as international publishing and mechanical repairs. This includes:
  • flowcharts
  • workflows
  • procedures 
  • checklists
  • key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement tools
  • training material
  • induction programs, and
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS). 
Why bother?
Implementing and documenting effective systems will:
  • increase your financial return by:
    • ensuring that workflows are as efficient as possible
    • reducing the time that new employees take to get ”up-to-speed”
  • ensure quality and consistency
  • minimise risk to the business 
  • support growth, and
  • position you as a leader in your field.
WriteCopy ensures that system and workflow documentation is clear, concise and easy to use. It must address a variety of learning styles to maximise effectiveness and, significantly, must be relevant, easily accessible by staff and easy to maintain.
Contact us to discuss a review and gap analysis of critical areas of your business – from essential systems and procedures through to Human Resources and WHS, we can assist you with recommendations and a strategy for implementation.